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Hi Friends,
I am updating you on a few things that are going on with the mission. Hope everyone's summer is going well. It is going a little too fast for me. Not enough time for fun with family and grandkids. When God gives you a job, He lets you know that your business hours are long and opportunities come at anytime. He is such a good boss and the benefits are out of this world. Please look at our facebook page for the latest news updates.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your help and prayers for the golf tournament. It takes a ton of work and coordination to host the event but the rewards are well worth it. We had 14 teams and realizes almost $3,000 for the Bremen roof project. Many of you helped by spreading the word to possible teams, getting donations from Hole Sponsors, getting prize donations from area businesses, volunteering at the tournament with registration, food and prizes awards. Special thanks to Mickey Baker for the donation of Subway for our meal, Mike Mech for the donation from Frito Lay for the goody bags, Food City for the donation of bottled water, and Pepsi for the donation of soft drinks for the tournament and meal. They are special sponsors for our tournament.

The well project for Bremen is well underway with our Geophysical survey pinpointing two sites for drilling with about 120 feet down until water is reached. The picture you see is Pastor Cergot and yours truely standing on the site that will be used for the well. as you can see it is about in the center of the compound which might prove to be a good location. We have gotten two quotes back fromd drilling companies that we know are reputable. The Drill Tech team is our best quote at $9,200 for the dig, piping, and a manual pump system all finished and ready to use. This seems to be the going rate in Haiti. Living Water for Haiti has helped us with referrals and encouragment even though they are not actively drilling in the southeastern region, we have a good relationship with them. Pray that this well will become a reality in the next couple of months. The people of the community really need a good water source to replace the dirty streams they now use.

Your help is needed for Yves. He is trying to bring his family to Haiti for a visit this summer while Josh and Esther are out of school. He needs out help with airfare for the three family members. Please help us find people with lots of airline miles who would be willing to donate a flight from Boston, Logan airport to Miami in early August. This is the most expensive part of the flight. Yves thinks he has enough to get the last leg from Miami to POP. If he does not, the mission will help him. Please let me know if you find someone willing to donate their miles to this cause. Many business travelers have so many miles, they could spare some and not miss them. Pray that we find those folks and make this trip possible. Any other ideas for getting the family to Miami are welcomed. They cannot drive due to the condition of the van.

Our next trip to Haiti is the Medical Mission trip which is being planned for September 21-28. Dr. Freddie is meeting with us to discuss specifics for the trip. An email will go out to those interested announcing our first team meeting as soon as we get the details finalized.

A December Child Sponsor trip is being planned for early December. This trip will focus on the children and bringing a christmas celebration to the school at Bremen. It will be a really fun trip. Details to follow. Let me know if you are interested in coming with us. You do not have to be a child sponsor to go on this trip. You just have to love kids.

Lastly, Remember our October 5th, Gigantic Raise the Roof Garage Sale. We are looking for donations from individuals of the stuff that you don't use anymore. Please remember the mission when you are at a gargae sale that might have things left over. Ask them if they would consider donating them to our cause. We have plenty of space to store these items until October. If we get lots of stuff and offer our October 5th sale date as a FAMILY FALL FESTIVAL with food, entertainment, games and the garage sale, I am praying that we make over $10,000. Please join me in this prayer and lets get lots of great stuff donated from generous people who need the extra space at their place. I have attached the flyer as a promotion tool. We also will provide receipts for the donations so they can get a tax deduction. I also need a team of VOLUNTEERS for the sale. The month of September we will be pricing and organizing the sale items. Help is appreciated. We have a space at the Packard storefront next to Laurel Marina Boat sales on the volunteer parkway in Bristol. Contact me for any pickups or deliveries to the space. 423-366-1415.

Thanks to all of you for your love, prayers and support of this mission. I am praying for the day when we have a fully operational compound with quarters for teams, a church and a school building that is busy serving the community in the name of Jesus Christ. May His Light Shine into the darkness of Haiti.

Have a blessed day.