Agape Christian Missions Newsletter  

Greetings to all the members of this Agape Mission Team,

I pray that you are enjoying the summer with all of its possibilities for family and fun. The mission is happy to attach the latest Newsletter for you to enjoy. Please realize how much you are needed and appreciated by the mission as we move forward in Haiti to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

The mission is ready to ship the 40 foot container from Arkansas where it was loaded with all the metal pieces and parts to assemble our church in Bremen. The building assembly will occur the week of August 8-15. We need workers for this project. You do not need experience at construction to be able to assemble this building. If you are interested in helping us, please let me know. I have more details and will share them when you contact me. Your prayers are needed to cover the container for a safe trip to Port-au-Prince and for Senator Edo to give us the promised one day franchise to get the container released when it gets to POP. Also pray for safe passage to Bremen and to our compound. Be in prayer for the team that is assembling to do the construction on the church. Pray for safety and success in their efforts.

We are also in full fundraising mode for the Mission Team House. The proceeds from the Gigantic Garage Sale on September 10-12 will go toward the $50,000 needed for the house. In order for the sale to be a success, we need your DONATIONS. Please give me a call or email if you have anything to add to our garage sale items. We are in need of all the different departments including: clothing, furniture, electronics, sports, outdoor patio, kitchenware, appliances, household goods, crafts supplies, purses, shoes, bedding, jewelry, tools, baby furniture, baby clothes, baby and kids toys. We will sell any item that fits our garage sale. Please help us make this sale the biggest and best.

Be in prayer for our congregations in Haiti and for the pastors who oversee them. Pray for the schools and the teachers who are helping the children learn. Pray for those who need Jesus in their hearts. Our doors are open to them and we want them to come in. Thank you for your support of the mission.

In service to the only King,